What Happens in a Session?

Energy healing is a journey that we take in partnership together.  I work with you to identify, release and clear emotional baggage and help you align with your highest potential and flow. During the process, I teach you practical tools so you are empowered to maintain and use your energy in a conscious and positive way.  

You’ve probably heard the phrase “walk it off” after a batter is hit by a ball.  This phrase refers to the act of releasing energy so that the batter can return to the plate in a neutral state without the energy of heavy emotions that might otherwise affect the batter’s performance. In the same way, you can clear energy when you go for a run, talk to your best friend, or sing out loud.  But when we clear and heal energy together in a session, we can achieve faster and more powerful results!

All energy healing sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes over the phone. We start by discussing the issues you would like to work on, and then I tune into your energy.  Through intuition and applied kinesiology, your subconscious mind will guide me to the underlying cause of the issue.  Like an onion, we gently peel away the first layer only to reveal the next layer that would like to be released.  No two sessions are the same and I never know what we will discover together!  

Our bodies are naturally wise instruments.  But just as a lamp is an instrument, a lamp is nothing until it is plugged into power and turned on.  At that moment, the lamp becomes beautiful, useful, and has purpose.  We are the same!  All of us are plugged into Source Energy (some may call it God, the Universe or simply a Power-Greater-Than-Us) but over time, our “lamp” becomes dim with the residue of life.  I see my work as one of maintenance.  I’m simply the maintenance person who clears off the residue – not to change you, but to reveal you.  

The gift of energy healing is that you finally REMEMBER who you really are.  And when you know who you are, you can live in greater freedom, abundance and joy!