“Missy is one of the most talented, genuine and generous people I’ve ever met.  After just one session with Missy, I felt a change in my energy and started looking at things in new ways and drew more opportunities and people into my life.  I found a job and a relationship and felt lighter, happier and brighter. Now I’ve been going to Missy regularly for 6 months and have referred many of my friends so they can experience the same healing. 

Missy helped me to discover energy blocks and broadcast messages I was sending out that weren’t serving me and see where I was getting in my own way of the things I wanted. In 6 months of energy healing with Missy I’ve healed and grown more than I ever did in talk therapy.  She is extremely talented and quick at finding trapped emotions that need to be released that had been holding me back for a long time. I leave every energy healing session learning something new about myself and removing more and more layers to become the best version of myself. 

I love how when Missy removes broadcast messages that aren’t serving me, we replace them with new better serving thoughts.  During our energy healing sessions when Missy removes trapped emotions, I usually remember a memory from childhood or earlier in my life that I had forgotten about and immediately start to feel lighter with the trapped emotion released.  

I’m grateful that I was referred to Missy.  Energy healing can be a lifelong process and I’m grateful to be able to work with Missy to continue always healing. “

Kristin, Writer

“Like a year’s worth of therapy in one session! Missy goes for the deeper work – burrows through all the crap to the place that shifts everything. Career, relationships, health, wealth – we changed the pattern and found the tipping point so that all the dominos ripple down for real change. “

Amy, Growth & Leadership Coach

“Words cannot describe Missy in my life. First of all let me say that I am extremely picky about healings and who I work with. I have done everything — EMDR, traditional therapy, Shamanism, all sorts of energy work (you name it, I’ve done it), hypnotherapy, Reiki, Somatic healing to name just a few. Bottom line is that I have gotten a little jaded and have to really feel a change in my life to get passionate about something and someone… and let’s just say I am VERY passionate about Missy!!! I tell anyone and everyone who is open about her, in fact most of my friends and people in my life are now working with her as well. I have personally witnessed the transformation in others and as far as myself, I don’t even feel like the same person I was when I started working with her. Her healing work aside — Missy is inspiring, uplifting and gives incredible support — but then add in the energy release that happens and it is truly life-changing. I have never felt more free and I am so grateful. Thank you Missy!!”

Sara, Writer

“So hard to put into words, the magic of working with Missy . . . I didn’t even know what energy healing was . . . I was a little afraid of it . . . Missy is a lifesaver, a secret weapon of Joy.  I love her so much, she has taught me so much, her happiness and gratitude is so infectious, sometimes I even make the right choice because I don’t believe it yet, but I believe in the process with Missy . . . she is a teacher and a healer and a joy renewer.”


“Missy helped me through grief, the likes of which I have never known, when a precious young 22 year old friend of mine died suddenly. After speaking with her three times, my grief was transmuted and my natural joy returned. I have referred everyone I truly love to Missy because she is absolutely the most loving energy healer, nothing short of miraculous. When I talk to her, we laugh and laugh! She is magic.”

Jodie, Actress

“I asked the Universe for help and it gave me Missy. Missy changed my life by giving me tools to make much needed changes, by guiding me to heal and move forward.  I’ve had four energy clearing sessions since that first one back in August 2019.  Each session healed a part of me that needed attention at that particular moment.  In my last session, I wanted to work the anger I felt because of the political climate in our country.  Because of Missy’s intuitive gift, she found a long-buried but not forgotten anger that had marked most of my life.  She worked her magic and the anger was gone before we finished our session. She gets to the root of emotions, clears them and allows you to move on. Blessed and grateful that she came into my life.”

Sorel, Artist

When my beloved dog, Athena passed, my other dog, Shadow and I were lost and heart broken.  Unfortunately, Shadow was close to Athena but was not friendly with any other dogs and was often ferociously aggressive towards them.  I worked with Missy to help us heal and find the right dog for our family. Missy was able to connect with Athena and she helped us pick the right dog.  I was so nervous when I brought our new dog, Kobe home to meet Shadow.  I was amazed how quickly they connected and fell in love with each other.  It was truly a match made in heaven with guidance of Missy.  I believe we would not have found the right dog without her.  Missy even helped Kobe overcome some of his issues from being rescued from a bad situation.  I am extremely grateful that I know when I need Missy, she is always there for me and has the tools to bring peace and joy into my life.

Suzette, Healthcare Consultant

“Missy is the real deal when it comes to energy healing! Her guidance and advice has helped me tremendously in reaching all my goals. I am so lucky to have found her. She provides an extremely valuable service that continues to help me in all areas of my life.”

Marjorie, Software Engineer

“I came to Missy with loads of stagnant stale energy that had me feeling like I was slogging through mud.  Working with Missy has allowed me to recognize the messages and voices I picked up throughout my life and to release the energy of messages that don’t serve my higher good.  The journey Missy takes me on helps me to rediscover my lightness, peace and enables me to recognize and listen to my spirit.”

Dorothy, Retired Teacher and Lifelong Learner