All sessions are conducted over the phone.

“No one is you and that is your power.”

 – Dave Grohl

Energy Transformation Session – $140

What obstacle or trigger is blocking you from moving forward, feeling whole and worthy, or living an expansive life?  Every trigger is simply a mirror to show you a wound in yourself that needs to be healed.  We will name the trigger, identify the wound, find the energetic emotions and limiting beliefs that tie you to this issue, identify the ages when you trapped these energies and emotions, and release the energetic pattern.  If you don’t have a specific obstacle or trigger, we can simply ask your body to clear whatever is most needed in the present moment so that you can live your most expanded, joyful and abundant life! 

Energy Transformation Email Session – $140

This is the same 50-minute personalized energy transformation session listed above but you will not be on the phone with me.  I work on you alone and then email a report at the end of the session.  A remote session is perfect for busy people, children, babies, those who may be ill or non-verbal, or those who prefer solitude.  First time clients please use the code FIRST to receive 10% off your first session.

Foundational Human Design Reading – $140

Human Design is the system that provides the unique energetic blueprint of each individual. It shows us how the Universe intentionally designed each of us to use our energy, make decisions, and the authentic way we are created to interact with the Universe before we were conditioned. Human Design can also be looked at as the energetic version of the Myers-Briggs personality test.

In this 50-minute session, you’ll learn how to interact with the world in a way that is in alignment for everyone so that your energy is protected, you are guided to where you want to go, and everything unfolds for the highest good of all involved. We will discuss your energy type and the strategies you can use to live in flow as the highest expression of your authentic design while maximizing your ability to make choices in relationships, health, wealth, and parenting.

Human Design Reading Part II – Centers – $140

This is a 50-minute session continuing to explore your Human Design Chart. We will discuss your 9 centers (energetic hubs) discussing where you do and do not have consistent access to certain types of energies and where you are prone to conditioning. True wisdom is in “knowing thyself” and the gifts we have to offer the world through our defined centers and the gifts we are to receive from the world through our undefined and open centers.

The Deep Dive – $230

Supercharge your life!  Take a 90-minute deep dive to align you with your full potential.  Break through barriers and clear out social programming, family patterns, ancestral blocks, and anything else holding you back from your full potential.  Develop your intuitive gifts, connect to your own inner guidance and come home to your true self. This is a longer version of the 50-minute session allowing us the extra time to go deeper.

Empowerment 3 Pack – $378

Ready to make some powerful changes?  Save 10% when you purchase the Empowerment Package of three 50-minute phone or email sessions.  Blast through your blocks on a journey to release core fears and false beliefs that are holding you back from living your true purpose.   Empower yourself by learning the tools needed to move forward with clarity, courage and grace.  By remembering who you really are, you set yourself free.  

Pet Healing Session – $50

Animals need love too!  This is a 25- minute private holistic energy healing session for your pet to remove trapped emotions, restore physical and emotional balance, and communicate with your pet to discover your animal’s greatest needs.  (One animal per session.)

Gift Certificates

Share the gift of energy healing with someone you love!  Gift certificates are available for any of the services listed above.  Click on “Schedule a Session” below to purchase a gift certificate.  


Energy healing is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is intended to be used as a complement to Western medicine and traditional therapy.  

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